Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Birthday Cake

I love birthdays. It is the one day out of the year that we get to celebrate you! The day you were birthed is such an amazing day because it was your entrance into the world. Sure you might share the day with some other people that you know, but it is still a celebration of you. Today is the day that my wife was born. Knowing that she loves to read and is a huge fan of the Twilight series, I decided to make her a replica cake of the New Moon book.

Here is the cover:

Here is the cake that I made. I found it great that this chapter was named "Cult." I have not read any of the books, but I have seen the first movie and know all the hype that surrounds these books. I am not about to give my opinion on the books in this blog, but I do think that they are great for improving book consumption in a technologically addicted age.

The gum paste orchid did not turn out exactly the way that I wanted it to, but you get the idea.

A large part of the fun in making cakes for people is that they are one of a kind. My mom always made us wonderful cakes when we were growing up and we thought that we were the coolest kids on the block. Cakes are able to not only convey a message about the person they are for, but also can bring so much joy and delight to a party. A great cake is one that not only looks great, but that tastes even better. The red velvet that is hidden under this cream cheese frosting is, well, to die for! (Pun intended for this book!)


Jess :) said...

So looking forward to eating a piece of this cake!!! :) I mean, I can't wait!!! Well, I just have to wait for you, now, to bring the beautiful birthday girl home and THEN, I can enjoy a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWESOME work!!!

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................