Monday, June 9, 2008

My entrance to the blogoshpere

So here I go!   I thought for the longest time that I would avoid the world of blogging, until a brilliant professor of my suggested I use it for an independent study.  I am not sure who will even take the time to read what I write, but I know that the writing will be equally as theraputic even if it is not read by a soul.  This morning on my run I noticed that I had a peculiar running partner for some time, a small puff of cotton from one of the thousands of cottonwood trees here in the Cities.  I was on mile five and just soaking in the refreshing morning when I noticed it sailing along perfectly in sync with my pace.  I am not sure if I was moving that slow or it was just that the cotton was moving that fast!?!?  As I was admiring my running partner I thought to myself, this would make a great blog entry, that is if I had a blog to enter it into!  I wonder where my partner ended up?  Will it ever put down roots and become it's own tree?  Would I have noticed it if my daughter had not left my ipod playing all night and ran out the batteries leaving me to run in silence this morning?  

Well I hope that this blog is beneficial to not only myself and my independent study, but also may strike a chord with any of you who stumble upon it and happen to read it.  I know that not all the posts will be beneficial for all of you, but my hope is that you may find some of them at the very least entertaining, if not thought provoking.  For now I must go and finish peeling my carrots.  May this day find you looking for the simple mysteries of life that are floating along like a simple cottonwood puff.