Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Routines are something that you take for granted, until you get out of it and simply flounder about in frustration. The irony of my routines is that they are often broken by vacations. A few weeks ago I headed to Vail with my brothers for some skiing and quality time with a friend, but since I have returned my routine has been completely thrown off. The 5:15 am alarm clock is shut off nearly every day in favor of a warm and cozy bed. In addition, my weekly blog postings have been non-existent. You would think that a vacation would be just what the doctor order for a guy who runs himself ragged most weeks, but I want my old routine back. I certainly enjoyed my vacation, but I am frustrated every morning that I cannot peel my corpse off of my featherbed to engage in my morning run. I am not looking for any sympathy from anyone, just wanted to put my thoughts out there so that I can be accountable for my inconsistent routine. I guess there is always tomorrow!